Fundraising Information

Below are the current fundraising documents. Please follow the policies and procedures provided.

Agreement for GFYSC volunteers for StaffPro (updated 8/8/15)

Fundraising INTENT and SUMMARY (updated 8/8/15)

GFYSC Request for Reimbursement SLIP (updated 8/8/15)

Current GFYSC Policies can be found here (updated 8/8/15)

Any questions can be directed to

Coaches and Parents:

You must submit an INTENT form for any fundraising or sponsorship per the policies.

All checks must be written to GFYSC with the team or the coaches name on the note. The exception to this is the StaffPro payments; those funds will be ear marked based on the sign in sheet information provided by volunteers.

Reimbursements can be for any soccer related expenses with receipts (receipts must not contain any personal expenses). Reimbursement form can also be used in conjunction with a quote for larger purchases. Receipts and quotes must be submitted with the reimbursement form.

Please become familiar with the policies provided. These will be the policies we will use going forward.